3rd place

200 points


Challenge Category Value Time
ctrl + c, ctrl + v Mission Critical1
String Theory II Scavenger Hunt7
Can you meme? Mission Critical100
Are you sure you're alone? Scavenger Hunt10
Environmentally Friendly Scavenger Hunt10
Here Comes the Money Powershell Scripting3
Reverberation Powershell Scripting5
Welcome To CS201 Powershell Scripting5
I Just Wanna Go Home :( Powershell Command5
I want your version! Powershell Command3
Bag of Holding Powershell Command3
Change of Space Powershell Command3
Service Audit Powershell Command3
No Dur Powershell Command5
Service Audit II Powershell Command6
String Theory Powershell Command10
Spider Web Scavenger Hunt11
Conflagration Barrier Scavenger Hunt10